Packing Tips

Packing tips and tricks for moving

Packing your home/office valuables is a difficult and efficient task. When you have only a few days left to move, you cannot acquire the skill of packing expertise. However, it is better to get some quick, useful and safe packing tips. So you can take help of these packing tips below which will definitely help you in coming up with the goods

So this time when you move to take some care:-


1. Use the correct size box

While packing things in carton boxes, heavy items like books or similar items should be kept in small boxes and light items like pillows, linen or curtains in big boxes. A large box filled with heavy items is always a common complaint for professional movers. These make the loading and unloading work difficult and there is a greater chance of breakdown of the inside materials.

2. Keep heavy items at the bottom of the box and light items at the top

While packing things inside the box, try to fill the heavy stuff at the bottom and the light things should be filled at the top. It is always advisable to pack heavy cartons first if you are loading the truck yourself. This helps you a lot in maintaining balance.

3. Pack clothes in suit case and bag

Suit cases and bags are available in every house, so whenever you have to shift you can use them.

4. Never leave empty space in the box

Always remember to fill the gaps or spaces inside the packaging box with socks, clothes or hand towels, paper when packing the box. This reduces the possibility of things breaking inside the box at the time of transport of the items.

5. Proper Pack liquid items

Properly packaged items in a packed container, bucket, etc.

6. Do not put items from different rooms in the same box

It is necessary to make separate packaging boxes for each room. This will speed up your packing work and will certainly make your unpacking work a lot easier. This saves you time

7. Roll up jewellery 

lay jewelry onto a bath towel, fold over each edge, the roll-up towel to help prevent necklaces from getting tangled.

8. Use good tape

The packing box is of great importance under the transfer process. So make sure to use the tape correctly below and above the box. Thoroughly tape your packing box. This will protect the packing box from damage.

9. List color-coding system

You can use a color code for every box with different room accessories. Choose a color for each room, then label that room’s packaging boxes with the same color tape. You can try to label the door of each room with colored stickers, striking or tape for easy identification of the packing box of the specific room.

10. Before packing in the box, wrap your expensive painting with good tapping, bubble wrapping or paper

Do not wrap your home oil painting with regular paper as it will stick to the painting. For paintings or paintings painted with glass, try to make an X with masking tape to reinforce the glass and hold it tightly together if it breaks. Wrap the picture frame in paper or bubble wrapping and place it in the box with the other frame. You can maximize picture frame security by placing a piece of cardboard between each piece of the frame.

11. Take photos before opening electronic wire fittings or other complicated things before packing

There are many things in the house that are very difficult to set up as if you start packing the wires and cords, take a photo of how your electronics are connected. This will help you remember how to reposition it in a new location.

12. Special items should be given maximum protection

For delicate or highly sensitive items such as TV, big fancy mirrors, paintings, large glass showpieces and other such fragile items, you always need special care, in the rehabilitation process. It is best to preserve the original box you used every time. Such delicate items along with quilts, bubble wrapping, paper sheets and others will definitely help in increasing their security inside the packing box.

13. Make Handy Medical Kit With You While Rehabilitation

It is always very important to keep the medical kit with you during the transfer. You can never know that you or anyone else needs medical help when packing, transporting or unloading goods. Instead pack a separate box like medical aid, antiseptic liquid, cotton, pain-relieving pills, doctor’s tape and other such things and keep it with you at any time when needed.

14. Vacuum Seal Out-of-Season Fabric

Out of season clothes are clearly not the items in immediate use after moving to a new place. Therefore it is advisable to pack them in a vacuum seal bag. It will take up less space than other goods.

15. Broken bundles

Cutlery considers placing the packing paper around each and then wrapping and packing bundles of 5-6 with more use of paper. Use lots of tufted paper as bottom and top padding. You can place bowls and cups inside each other with paper in between each and wrap 3-4 in a bundle. Packing them in the dish barrel box.